Agile Fluency Gathering 2018

You know by now that the Agile Fluency Model describes how agile teams typically progress as they develop new capabilities. But how can you use the Agile Fluency Model to influence organizations?

Join the authors of the Agile Fluency Model and a group of leading Agile practitioners as we spend two days exploring concrete answers to this question!


  • Monday-Tuesday, 29th-30th October: Agile Fluency Gathering 2018
  • Wednesday, 31st October (in parallel):
    • Game Runners Workshop
    • Exploring High Performance Coaching with the Agile Fluency™ Suite

(We are aware that the 31st is a public holiday in some areas but are still so enthusiastic about Agile Fluency that the workshops will take place on that day!)


Handwerkskammer Hamburg, Holstenwall 12, Germany

Program Detail Description:

The gathering and all workshops will be held in English.

We will offer an introduction to the Agile Fluency Suite and an update on the Agile Fluency Project. There will be interactive sessions on sharing cases, on experiences using the model

On Monday we will offer the following sessions:

  • introduction to the Agile Fluency Suite
  • update on the Agile Fluency Project
  • Experience exchange on applying the Agile Fluency Model (share cases)
  • Agile Fluency Coaching Clinic
  • Engaging with management
  • Each One Teach One – Interactive sessions of peer learning / peer teaching
  • Evening: Networking, Playing the Agile Fluency Game

On Tuesday we will offer the following sessions:

  • Diving into the Agile Fluency Model
  • Introduction into the Agile Fluency Facilitator Training
  • Applying the Agile Fluency Improvement Cycle
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the diagnostic
  • Continued Experience Exchange including using Agile Fluency Game
  • Introducing new activities (e.g. Lego application)
  • Mentoring Fishbowls

We designed parts of the program with two tracks:

  • Exploring: People who read about the model, are intrigued about how they might apply the model, and want to learn more
  • Practising: People who are using the model for a number of years, hold current licenses to administer the material, and still want to learn more.

Workshop: FluencyByDesign ESSENTIALS: Accelerate Transformation (+Gamerunner Training)

Focus on fluency design to implement effective coaching strategies that accelerate digital transformation based on pragmatic applications of the Agile Fluency Model at all levels and stages of progression. During the workshop, you learn by doing as you complete hands-on team projects based on the Agile Fluency Game.

As an added bonus you will receive your own copy of the fluency board game. Build it into your new coaching and training strategy, or simply use it to start new conversations about accelerated transformation.

The FluencyByDesign™ Accelerator series is a wholly independent alternative to the Agile Fluency Suite. Steve Holyer is your host for this FluencyByDesign workshop. Please contact Steve directly in case of any questions: coach@steveholyer.com.

Workshop: Exploring High Performance Coaching with the Agile Fluency™ Suite

Learn to dramatically expand your influence and impact in a workshop with authors and Agile pioneers Diana Larsen (Agile Retrospectives: How to Make Good Teams Great) and James Shore (The Art of Agile). The topics we’ll explore and practice include:

  • How to drive systemic change in organizations by expanding your influence with top leadership
  • How to employ the Agile Fluency Suite (Model, Diagnostic, and Improvement Cycle) to dramatically increase your opportunities for satisfying work
  • How to build a thriving external consultancy or internal center of excellence

James and Diana will join you in a variety of interactive activities, as we create your individualized plan for increasing your impact! Please contact Diana or James directly in case of any questions: diana@agilefluency.orgjames@agilefluency.org.

Cost + What’s Included

Tickets cost between 655 € and 1.495 €. A limited number of early-bird tickets is available now. Register now to save 10%!

Ticket prices include all meals during the event. You pay only for hotel accommodation and incidental expenses.


If you like to book a hotel within walking distance please use this link. You may use e.g. hrs.com (German), or hotels.com (international) to find hotels nearby. We do not receive a commission for your booking through these links.